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September 19, 2004

Why I switched

I figured I'd better explain why I switched to blogger from Xanga. There're a few reasons, none of which individually were enough to make me switch, but together ended up persuading me. They are:

  • Xanga doesn't allow me to customize anything other than the front page. This means while my front page looks nifty, everything else looks like shit. Er, poo. Sorry, Father. Won't happen again.
  • I don't like the way Xanga URLs are set up. They use queries to select the blog (that is, they have "blah.asp?user=blah" on the end of the URL). This causes a number of problems with some directories and search engines.
  • Xanga doesn't allow comments from users who are not members of Xanga. I can understand why Xanga does this, but I've already had a couple people complain through email, and I agree with them.
  • Xanga doesn't support RSS feeds.
  • Only one person can contribute to a Xanga blog.
  • I've been getting quite a lot of server error pages recently.

So there you have it. I was still fairly torn because I like the "community" aspect of Xanga, with people subscribing to my blog and me to theirs, etc., but hopefully I'll find a replacement for that. Bloglines, perhaps? I need to look into it.


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