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October 21, 2004

Snap snap

So having found my video camera I trotted merrily off to the photography store and traded it in for a new digital camera (my old one, you'll recall if you've been committing my blog to memory, was destroyed with malice aforethought by my eldest and my dog. The former has apologized, the latter is entirely unrepentant). After much research I decided upon a Canon PowerShot A75.

It's got a ton of features (1.8" 110,000-pixel LCD screen, which I use constantly; a fully manual mode; advanced white balance control; the same image processor found in their $10k+ models; are you still reading this?; nine-point intelligent autofocus, focus lock and manual focus; aperture stops from 2.8 to 8.0; ISO 50, 100, 200 and 400 equivalent sensitivity; you surely can't really be enjoying this, can you?; shutter speeds from 15 to 1/2000th seconds; fast 3x optical zoom; orientation detection; okay, this is getting ridiculous -- why are you still here, you weirdo?; metal body for extra robustness; er, hole in bottom for tripod; exquisitely crafted battery compartment; indentation for right thumb; I'm going to stop now) and was attractively priced at C$299 (did I really just say "attractively priced"?). With the video camera as a trade-in I paid only $49 for it, and then the woman presented me with a coupon for $15 off a memory card, so I got 256mb of CompactFlash for $45 as well. I walked out a very happy me.

Sure, it's only 3.2mp, but that's just about good enough for decent 8x10s and, let's face it, who really needs more resolution than that? (When I have enough money to buy a 6.3mp Digital Rebel I'll be singing a different tune, of course, but that's significantly in the future, to put it mildly.)

So there you have it. I can now take pictures while I'm away. Huzzah.


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