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November 21, 2004


I just switched from the default Blogger comments to using HaloScan for it instead. Suffice to say that you can now enter your name for the comment without having to sign up to Blogger, and you can put in links to your email and home page if you so desire, and I can edit your comments to make it look like you wrote something you didn't, possibly about negroes. It's a win-win.

Also, I get trackback links for no extra charge (above and beyond the $0 I already pay on a monthly basis for the comments facility). I'm still not 100% on what a trackback is, but apparently it lets people comment on my blog in their blog and let me know about it by "pinging" me. Or something. Maybe you can understand this better, my brain is slow and feeble.

Course, there is a downside. All the comments left via the old Blogger system are now inaccessible. Ah well, they all sucked anyway. So leave some goddamn comments. You have no excuse now. And none of that anonymous crap, either. Personal responsibility, people, personal responsibility.


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