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November 23, 2004

Couple of new blogrolls

I recently added Colin McKay's blog to my blogroll. Colin's the brother of a friend of mine, but stop right there! I know you're thinking "nepotism," you cynical bastards. In fact he was added on the basis of his writing and the "nutrition information" label acting as a table of contents, which I think is fantastic. So there.

Also please welcome Query Letters I Love to the fold, published by an anonymous Hollywood script reader (or something). It's a collection of the very worst suggestions for screenplays he receives. Too cool for words. Favorite submission:

The World has imploded on itself. Evil Robot plans an Empire built on the backs of remaining humanity.Can a man from the pass survive the hate of a savage woman and save humanity before the sands of time run out…?

Answer: Not without the help of his trusty sidekick, Scrofula Boy.

Update: He's an agent, not a script reader. And this is now my favorite submission:

It isn’t just the monkey that sets 'Laughing My Sphincter Off' apart from other cancer memoirs, it’s also my skewed sense of humor. The one-two-punch of the monkey’s low down physical commentary coupled with my friskiness of mind give the reader a unique look inside the soul of a person battling colorectal cancer

Personally I think I'll wait for "Laughing My Sphincter Off 2: Remission to Uranus."



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