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October 26, 2004

Sony can suck it

(But before I go into the sordid details, everyone say thanks to Shaun Hatton for making me a very nifty half-a-maple-leaf "favicon," which you can see in your browser's address bar right now. At least, you can if you're using a proper browser. If you're still using IE, or anything based on it, you need to pull yourself together. Thanks Shaun!)

Am I especially irritable at the moment, or has the concept of making customers happy completely gone by the wayside?

I sat down an hour ago to put new music on my minidiscs in preparation for my trip, and realized that since I reinstalled Windows a few weeks ago, I had to put the Sony software back on my computer. So I looked for the CD and, naturally, couldn't find it. "Never mind," I thought to myself, "I'll just pop to the Sony site and download it."

So I popped to the Sony site, headed for their download page, and clicked the link for the SonicStageInstaller program. It downloaded, I ran the program, and a message appears. "The updater cannot run because the original software is not installed." Ah. I returned to the site and inspected things more closely: in fact, it is just an update. So I scroll down. They're all just updates. Confused, puzzled and confounded I clicked on the "Live Chat Customer Support" link and shortly was talking with Anthony_.

Me: Hello Anthony_. How do you suggest I obtain SonicStage, since I've mislaid the original disc?

Anthony_: I'm sorry to know your situation.

Me: Okay. So where can I get it from? As you know, without that software I can't record to the minidiscs, rendering my expensive player somewhat useless.

Anthony_: The software is not available for download. But you can purchase a new CD from the customer support page.

Me: Um. In order to use the player which I already bought from Sony, I have to pay Sony more money for another CD? When I have no other options, because Sony decided to use proprietary software to record to the discs and didn't provide an audio-in jack on this model? And won't let anyone else write software to do the job, because it claims "ownership" of the system? How is this even remotely acceptable?

Anthony_: Because Sony supplies original software with the equipment, the software is not available for download.

Me: I see. I must say I don't remember seeing a warning in the manual saying "IF YOU LOSE THIS CD YOU WILL BE SCREWED." Is there one? What you're basically telling me is that my minidisc player is now next to worthless unless I fork out yet more money to Sony, and that Sony really doesn't give a rat's ass about its customers. Right?

Anthony_: The software CD is not covered under warranty.

Me: Right.

Anthony_: Do you have any more questions? I would be glad to help you.

Me: Yes I do. To which brainiac would I address a letter of complaint regarding Sony's arrogant and blatant disregard for its customers? Whom can I inform I'm never buying another Sony product ever again?

Anthony_: You may address your letter to: Office of the President, Manager of Customer Satisfaction, Sony Electronics, 1 Sony Drive, Mail Drop 138, Park Ridge, New Jersey 07656.

Me: Manager of Customer Satisfaction? Well, he's doing a great job. Thanks, Anthony_.

Anthony_: You are welcome.

I mean for fuck's sake. What is it with these people? So that's a big fuck you to Sony -- I'm currently downloading your precious software from Shareaza. I'll remember this next time I'm buying some consumer electronics. And to the strangely stilted Anthony_, I can only recommend you find a less tight-assed employer, because you just know you're going to be replaced by a robot one day.


At October 26, 2004 at 9:15 p.m. , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey glad you like the favicon! Now that I'm looking at it a couple hours later I'm thinking maybe it would look better without the red bar on the left. I'll do one up soon and send it to you.


At October 27, 2004 at 12:13 a.m. , Blogger Foxphyre said...

Hey you!
I LOVE SONY! They will replace stuff that's decades old when they break, regardless of waranty and shite.
But yeah, the whole thing with the minidisc situation is more of a music industry safeguard. And with blatant piracy *ahem* they try to at least put a few speed bumps in the road. I'm sorry you mislaid your installation disc, though. I would send you one, but it would probably pass you as you were flying down to the states.
As always, your loverly fan, Sarah
(I got a blogger account just so I could post to your site. You BETTER feel special cuz it takes longer to sign in but I didn't know that when i did it.)

At October 27, 2004 at 9:27 p.m. , Blogger Foxphyre said...

Beta works better...

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